Episode 16: Andrea Modica

On the show this week it’s Andrea Modica.  Andrea fell in love with the 8x10 view camera as a teenager and hasn’t looked back.  It’s been a constant in her personal work for long-term projects and commissioned work alike.   

We met up in Philadelphia to discuss her study of photography and the mentors who shaped her along the way, her time teaching at SUNY Oneonta, the drive that led her to meet the subjects of her book Treadwell and her recent work photographing in an Italian horse clinic and at Philadelphia's Mummers Festival. 

Andrea Modica is currently on the teaching faculty at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Photographs from her project Best Friends are currently on view at the University of Kentucky Art Museum until April 30th, 2017.  A second edition of As We Wait, a collaboration with Larry Fink, is available from L'Artiere Editions.  For a look at more of her work, visit her website at andreamodica.com.