Episode 19: Alex Matzke


Alex Matzke devotes her photography to the lives and stories of young women, farmers, Tribal Nations and refugees. Listen in as we talk about her early days making Polaroids with her mother, her pictures of women in the military, and her work over the last several years documenting opposition to the Keystone-XL Pipeline.  

This episode is brought to you by TBW Books and their latest release TBW Books Series Number Five, featuring previously unpublished work by Susan Meiselas, Mike Mandel, Bill Burke and Lee Friedlander. Visit www.tbwbooks.com to order and browse other titles. 

Episode 18: Mitch Epstein


I visited with Mitch Epstein to talk about his days as a student making pictures in New York City, studying with Garry Winogrand, and setting out across the US in an orange Datsun his father won in a raffle.  We also discussed his time working on films in India and his projects Family Business, American Power, New York Arbor and his latest work Rocks and Clouds.  A book collecting the work is due this summer from Steidl

Mitch currently has two solo exhibitions up in Europe: The exhibit New York City Trees, Rocks & Clouds is up at Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire in Paris, France and another show titled Rocks, Clouds and a Tree is up at Galerie Thomas Zander in Cologne, Germany.  

This episode is brought to you by Haywire Press, presenting signed, deluxe and limited-edition books from the personal archives of Lee Friedlander.

Episode 17: Lois Conner

Lois Conner has been traveling the world with her 7x17 view camera for more than 30 years.  Listen in as we discuss her early travels in the American West, working for the United Nations and making pictures in China.  We also discuss her time with mentors like Philippe Halsman and Richard Benson and her recent work with the iPhone.  

Her most recent book, Beijing: Contemporary and Imperial is available from Princeton Architectural Press. 

This episode is brought to you by Haywire Press, presenting signed, deluxe and limited-edition books from the personal archives of Lee Friedlander.

Episode 16: Andrea Modica

On the show this week it’s Andrea Modica.  Andrea fell in love with the 8x10 view camera as a teenager and hasn’t looked back.  It’s been a constant in her personal work for long-term projects and commissioned work alike.   

We met up in Philadelphia to discuss her study of photography and the mentors who shaped her along the way, her time teaching at SUNY Oneonta, the drive that led her to meet the subjects of her book Treadwell and her recent work photographing in an Italian horse clinic and at Philadelphia's Mummers Festival. 

Andrea Modica is currently on the teaching faculty at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Photographs from her project Best Friends are currently on view at the University of Kentucky Art Museum until April 30th, 2017.  A second edition of As We Wait, a collaboration with Larry Fink, is available from L'Artiere Editions.  For a look at more of her work, visit her website at andreamodica.com.  

Episode 15: Matt Eich

My guest this week in photographer Matt Eich.  We met up to talk about his work photographing the Southern United States and Appalachia, his time as a graduate student in the Hartford Art School’s International Limited-Residency Program and his life as a dad and family man.  Not to mention alligator hunters Rebel and Julius in Shell Island, Louisiana and welding families in Chauncey, Ohio.   We also discussed his new book Carry Me, Ohio which collects pictures made in rural Appalachian towns abandoned by industry.  Published by Strum and Drang, the book has sold out, but be on the look-out for a limited edition coming in 2017.  

To have a look at Matt’s work check out his website, www.matteichphoto.com.  

This episode is sponsored by Haywire Press, presenting signed, deluxe and limited-edition books by photo legend Lee Friedlander.  Visit www.haywirepress.com for more.  

Episode 14: Thomas Roma

This week on the Halftone you’ll hear my talk with Thomas Roma!  Tune in for big discussions of photography, Wall Street, a car crash, carpentry, building cameras and Roma’s new publishing imprint SPQR Editions!  Not to mention his time with Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Walker Evans and playing poker with Helen Levitt and John Szarkowski.  

To have a look at some of Roma’s photographs you can visit his website.  And be sure to check out the new titles from his publishing project SPQR Editions.  

If you’re in New York between today and Christmas, check out Roma’s show at Steven Kasher Gallery, Plato’s Dogs.  It’s on view until December 23rd.  

This episode of the Halftone is sponsored by Haywire Press offering signed, deluxe and limited edition books by photo legend Lee Friedlander.