The Halftone is a podcast about photography hosted by me, Eric Marth.  The show features my one-on-one conversations with photographers, printers, publishers and curators.  

Join me as I visit with living legends, emerging photographers and photo-book publishers to talk with them about what they do, how they do it and how they got there.  

Like many photographers, my love of photography is rooted in books.  The name of the show comes from the halftone screen used to reproduce photographs in ink with photo offset lithography, and is found in literally every photography book I own.  As the printer Richard Benson has said, "The way we know photography today comes from these beautifully printed books made in photo offset." 

The show is recorded on the road with the Halftone Mobile Recording Unit and produced from my home in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  

The theme music is "Old Country Rock" by William Moore and performed by Daniel Bachman, from his album River.  You can purchase the album in iTunes or buy the LP from Three Lobed Recordings.


I'm easy to get a hold of, if you have something to say, a guest to suggest or good old feedback send me an email: