Episode 12: Christian Patterson

On the show this week my guest is photographer Christian Patterson.  I recently visited his Brooklyn studio to talk about his start in photography, his time working with Winston and William Eggleston, his break-out work Redheaded Peckerwood and his latest project and show at Festival Images in Vevey, Switzerland Gong Co!  

This episode of the Halftone is sponsored by Haywire Press offering signed, deluxe and limited edition books by photo legend Lee Friedlander.

Episode 11: Darius Himes

This week on the Halftone my guest is Darius Himes.  Over the course of his career Himes has been an editor of the photo-eye booklist, a director of Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco and co-founder of photography imprint Radius Books.  With Mary Virginia Swanson he is the co-author of Publish Your Photography Book, published in 2011 by Princeton Architectural Press.  He’s now International Head of Photographs at the auction powerhouse Christie’s.  We visited to discuss his life-long love of photography, his Iowa upbringing, travels in Israel and love of photography!

This episode of the Halftone is sponsored by Haywire Press offering signed, deluxe and limited edition books by photo legend Lee Friedlander.  

Episode 10: Adam Bellefeuil

Photographer Adam Bellefeuil is a photographer and family man who makes his living as a video game designer.  We met up at his home in Carey, North Carolina to talk about his career in video game design and his start in photography.   We also discuss his series of night-time landscape pictures Black Basin and the work he has recently been making near his home as part of the series Cross Road.    

Episode 09: Paul Schiek

On the show this week I’m joined by publisher and photographer Paul Schiek.  Schiek is the founder of the photobook publishing outfit TBW Books and over the past ten years he has released titles with many enduring artists including Hiroshi Sugimoto, Alec Soth, Jim Goldberg and Katy Grannan as well as break-out young photographers like Mike Brodie and Christian Patterson.  Listen in as we discuss Paul’s move out West as a teenager, the origins of TBW and his love of work.  


Episode 08: Leslie Williamson

Leslie Williamson joins us today on the Halftone!  We recently met up in San Francisco to talk about growing up in the Bay Area, photographing brain surgery and her love of midcentury design.  Over the past few years Leslie has published two wonderful books which showcase designers’ homes from around the world: Handcrafted Modern and Modern Originals.  She's a writer as well and her stories of the places she visits fill her books as well as her People Watching feature for the New York Times T Magazine blog.  

Episode 07: Sandra Phillips

My guest this week is photography curator Sandra Phillips from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Listen in as we talk about her start in New York, hanging around the Museum of Modern Art in New York as a young woman and her move to SFMOMA.  We also talk about some of her work with greats like Andre Kertesz, John Szarkowski and Robert Adams as well as her travels as curator and a daguerreotype of a five-pound potato! 

If you can make it SFMOMA be sure to check out two new exhibits organized by Phillips and her colleagues: California and the West and About Time, now on view at the museum.